Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Digital Language

"By understanding that new language technologies have shifted our students' attitudes about who holds the power in linguistic exchange, we will be better prepared to understand their perspectives and to reach common ground." (Naomi S. Baron)

This statement is very true, considering my personal opinions . Which teacher is a student going to learn from better : one who understands the students' perspectives, or one who crams information down their throats uncaring about their outlook on the material given? We are constantly evolving and we need to roll with the punches in order to acheive greatness.

Baron, N. S. (2009). Are digital media changing language?.



Monday, August 29, 2011

My Poll

Digital Education

 "We can’t keep preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist. We can’t keep ignoring the formidable cognitive skills they’re developing on their own. And above all, we must stop disparaging digital prowess just because some of us over 40 don’t happen to possess it. An institutional grudge match with the young can sabotage an entire culture. " (Virginia Heffernan)

As our world advances, it has become necessary to prepare our students for a world run by technology. I really agree with this qoute because how are we as teachers going to teach students about this progressed future by ignoring technology today. Its has become absurd to think cell phones and ipads are disruptive in a classroom (which in some instances can be), when those forms of technology are going to be used in the futures to perform their jobs and daily tasks. We as teachers cannot ignore the fact that technology has become a necessary skill in the work environment.

Heffernan, Virginia. (2011). Education needs a digital upgrade. Opinionator

About Me

Hey ! My name is Ashley Epps , and I am from Hundred WV . I grew up traveling around alot , so staying in one place is something new and strange for me . I was born in Pordenone , Italy on September 21st , 1993 . I have 1 sister and 3 brothers . My parents are divorced , and I am currently emancipated from my father .

Right now , I am studying to become a high school art teacher . Art happens to be something I love doing and I want to share that with students . I think students should learn by what inspires them . If you aren't doing something you love , how can you be successful ? In my opinion , you won't thrive as much doing something that makes you miserable , as much as you would if you were doing something that you enjoy .

From what I have learned in this particular class so far , its necessary to incorporate some form of technology in the classroom . For example , I could use that poll site to create a kind of studying method for upcoming tests . Also , there is a site:  where students can take a photo of what they created and post it on the web for others to see and post comments .

Anyways , thats me in a nutshell .