Monday, November 14, 2011


Poetry of War :
               -Strengths :
                           - Had a good example of a poem about conflict.
                           - The images changed when the mouse was scrolled over them.
                           - Listed links to other helpful websites.
                           - As depressing as the color choice was, it certainly fit the topic.
                           - Included contacts for any additional questions.
               - Weaknesses :
                           - The main page was boring and had minimal links.
                           - Directory was not clearly listed.

Creative Encounters :
               - Strengths :
                            - Links to explore website were clearly listed on the left hand side of the page.
                            - Animated gifs were used to spark students interest.
                            - Included a rubric.
                            - Included contacts for additional questions.
               - Weaknesses :
                            - none :)

Ancient Egypt :
               - Strengths :
                           - Included animated gifs, eye-catching images, clear directory, links to videos, links to other links, and a rubric!

              - Weaknesses :
                          - none :)

The Problem With Landfills :
             - Strengths :
                         - The directory was clearly listed.
             -Weaknesses :
                         - The information was displayed in an unclear fashion.
                         - part of the rubric was cut off

The Diary of John Wilkes Booth :
             - Strengths :
                         - Links to information about the topic.
                         - Rubric was clearly listed.
                         - Some images were used as links to additional information.
             - Weaknesses :
                         - none :)

Group Thoughts :
Everyone agreed the top 2 were the Ancient Egyptian website and the War Poetry website. We all agreed that they both showed a good use of the internet and technology in clear and concise ways.

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