Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia run by a nonprofit organization. Wikipedia has also been translated into many different languages, including English. Although Wikipedia can be a bit warped by online users, the Wikipedia staff believe it can be "weeded out sooner rather than later". When it comes to eliminating the errors made to Wikipedia, a tool known as the Wikiscanner is used. The Wikiscanner is a tool that allows the IP address of any anonymous "editor" to be checked. Also, by using the Wikiscanner, you can see what changes have been made and research a bit more one different websites to validate the facts.

Since Wikipedia is mainly controlled and operated by volunteers, Larry Sanger (a former founder of Wikipedia.), left because he believed it should "give more authority to experts". 

The statistics shown in the article show how popular Wikipedia is for such an "unreliable source". I believe Wikipedia is so successful because people have constantly relied on the information of others for centuries. 

I'm not sure why Wikipedia wouldn't want to advertise their website. maybe because 90% of the world's population has already used/heard of it already.

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